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  • Copyright 2023
  • by Neil Herber
  • VE3PUE

Welcome to New Hams Ottawa!

Our goal is to provide you with some basic information and links to more in depth content that we hope you will find useful in your early journey across the ham radio waves.

About our net

If you would like to join us, we hold a net on one of the local Ottawa repeaters on Tuesday evenings.

  • We start at 20:00 hours (8 pm) eastern time using repeater VE2CRA which is on 146.940 MHz on the 2m amateur radio band, using a 100 Hz CTCSS tone and negative offset (or a transmit frequency of 146.340 MHz. You can also check in using EchoLink, VE2CRA-R.

In addition there are several other nets on Tuesday in the Ottawa area (more details on the Local Nets page)

  • The Phoenix Net that starts at 19:30 hours on VE3OCE.
  • The Almonte D-Star net at 20:40 available on Reflector XLX196B and repeaters VE2CRA (444.4 + DMR), VE3RAM, VE3ODG, VE3STP
  • VHF/UHF SSB net at 21:00 on 144.250 MHz

If you don't have a radio you can still join us by installing EchoLink on either your smartphone or Windows computer. There are some slightly different code versions for Mac and Linux machines written by others. Instructions to assist you in installing EchoLink are available on our Repeaters and Echolink page. Once you have EchoLink installed connect to the Echolink repeater VE2CRA-R and you can join the fun.


Harrie, Roger, Tom, Rob and Dave


Page last modified on October 08, 2023, at 08:15 PM